I have pleasure in introducing you to the Ural State University of Architecture and Art in Ekaterinburg, Russia, and the courses we offer. Our school is likely to be a new discovery for you in considering where and what to study. We should admit on our part that opening up to the world is a new venture for us as well - for too long a time our country, and the Ural region in particular, were not so easily accessible for international visitors and students.

We are launching this English-language section of our web-site to give you an insight into what kind of education is available at USUAA to prospective students. Our school is very well known in Russia and is considered to be a leader in architecture, design and art education, competing with schools in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Our students regularly win awards in international student competitions, and major Russian and international companies willingly hire our graduates as being skilful young professionals. Suffice it to mention that six of our graduate students are doing internships at Volkswagen Design in Germany, and two of them have already been offered permanent positions. Our graduates work for Renault, Peugeot, Samsung, Bosch-Siemens and other famous brands around the world.

We are a specialist educational institution equipping students with versatile skills and competences enabling them to be successful professionals. We are heirs to the centuries-long tradition of Russian academic art, and thanks to our major focus on the art component, as well as engineering, in all of the subject areas offered, all of our architecture and design graduates are also artists capable of competing in various creative industries.

There is a high competition for enrolling in our school among Russian applicants, and our courses are taught in Russian only, but we would welcome international students from around the world willing to explore new grounds and have their talents developed to a highly professional level. What you will definitely find here is a hospitable, tolerant and stimulating environment, supportive and caring teaching staff, and lots of friends.

Alexander V. Dolgov