The life at USUAA is diverse and enthralling, as students have a lot of opportunities to spend their free time. One can choose to devote his/her free time to music or singing, participate in the student theatre or join one of the sports teams.

Furthermore, there are lots of interesting guests (researchers, artists or writers) to meet with at USUAA in public lectures and seminars.

Our students regularly participate in local, regional, national and international competitions and festivals, winning prestigous awards and prizes.

USUAA's students are encouraged to have control over their life, studies and activities at the University, which they do through the Students Council.

USUAA has traditional festivals and events that are loved by all students and staff:

  • 'Induction into Studentship' takes place every year on the first day of the first semester
  • «Eternal Summer», a countryside health and sports festival organized for the 'freshies' during the first month of studies
  • «Freshmen's Debut», a competition and show of first-year students' performing talents. It is prepared and managed by senior students and ends up in a gala performance composed of the best acts of student performance.
  • Competition for USUAA's Best Academic Group. After a selection round at each of the Departments the best groups of each department participate in a kind of jamboree out of town where the best team is selected in the course of various tests.
  • Competition «Student of the Year»
  • A survey «My Favourite Professor»
  • Students free creativity competition
  • etc.

The University has more than 10 student clubs, such as Hiking Club, Cinema Club, Student Theatre, Photo Club, Fashion Theatre, Singing Studio, student newspaper «Archipelago».


USUAA has a sports hall and sports facilities in the suburbs of the city, which offer students broad opportunities for going in for various sports. Students regularly compete between departments and with other universities in a variety of sports, including badminton, ping-pong, arm wrestling, mini-footbal, volleyball, basketball, cross-country skiing races, etc.