Housing may be the most problematic thing. There are two ways: to live in a students’ house – in a 2-3-bed dormitory rooms or to find a private housing – to rent a flat. Private housing in Ekaterinburg is quite expensive, so solutions to it are student co-ops or room in a flat.

USUAA dormitories are available only if you applied for it in time: so do not forget to fill in a request for room reservation during your application time and to send it both to the international office and to your coordinator. Rooms are furnished and cost for the moment - fron 600 to 900 roubles per month. If the room is unsuitable, you’ll just have to look for private housing.

Before going to the dorms

In order to get a room you must provide the health certificate, issued by the university doctor in the main building, your rental agreement signed by you and by the rector and a matriculation order. The copy of the order should be provided either by tour coordinator or by the IO. The dormitory also requests fluorography and pediculosis certificate. Fluorography could be done within first days in a hospital not far away from the university. Rent must be paid in roubles in the first two days upon your arrival. You will get the payment receipt in the dormitory.

Private housing

The International Office can’t help you look for private accommodations. There are specialized newspapers, and rental agencies, but the easiest way to get the information about flats for rent can be found, unfortunately only in Russian, on the website

If you have to hunt for your own place, keep in mind some basics:

  • A room in a private apartment or house can cost around US Dollar 350-400. The rule saying “the closer your apartment to the city centre, the more you'll pay for it” usually works. Look through the average prices on apartments in the city you're going to visit beforehand – this will help you to find the best value for money.
  • Ask if the price for the flat/room includes electricity, warm water etc.
  • Expect to pay a deposit, usually 1 month rent.
  • Be aware of flats advertised by agencies. They charge a commission. We strongly caution against agencies that charge an advance or monthly fee claiming they have special listings. They usually just browse the same newspapers you would. If you want to pay for that, it’s your choice.
  • Finally: Patience. If you don’t immediately find the perfect place, accept a reasonable offer as a temporary solution and then keep looking.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not forget about the registration. According to Russian law you must be registered by your place of residence. Immediately upon changing address inform the IO about the change. You will be reregistered.

Rental Agreement

Although there are lots of rental agencies in Russia, just a part of them can be called trustworthy, so the first thing you should examine before signing any documents and paying money is the Rental agreement. The agreement is to include the information on the following:

  1. The address of the flat rented and the tenant and landlord's passport details
  2. The responsibility the Tenant takes to keep the flat in good condition, reasonable wear and tear excepted
  3. The rental period, the size of the fee and ways to pay (by credit card, cash, etc.)
  4. The number of utilities and services furnished by the Landlord

Also, it's a good idea to ask the landlord about the document confirming his real estate right of possession.

Buildings, Districts and Hotels

Building in Russia most apartments are rented in blocks of flats and just some of them are new. If you want to be sure in your neighbours, look at the area at the entrance and near the elevator. Dirty floor, bad smell and shabby walls obviously mean the people living here should not be trusted. Think twice before renting a flat in such a building even if it's really cheap!
The location of the district is very important. Check the transport connection between your flat and the university, with traffic jams it can take time!
If you get to town without a place to stay or aren’t yet able to move into your room, you'll need a short-term home. There is a cheap hostel in Ekaterinburg:
Most 2-3 stars hotels in the city centre will cost around 70-100 US Dollars.