The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation has set rules of admission to the Russian higher education institutions, including the Ural State University of Architecture and Arts, for foreign nationals.

International applicants are welcome to apply to USUAA to Bachelor (Bakalavr), Specialist and Master (Magistr) degree courses. Admission is competitive. USUAA normally charges a tuition fee with the exception of the following categories of international applicants:
а) the applicant has a referral letter from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation under the quota set for the applicant’s country by the Government of the Russian Federation in accordance with its resolution No. 638 «On Collaboration with Other Countries in Education» (such applicants are admitted without entry tests);
б) based on inter-governmental and international agreements (applicants are advised to contact their country’s relevant government agencies for information as to whether your country has concluded such an agreement with the Russian Federation);
в) the applicant participates in the State Programme for Resettlement of Compatriots Residing Abroad Back to Russia (approved by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 22 June 2006 No. 637);
г) the applicant falls within the scope of the Federal Law dated 24 May 1999 No. 99-FZ “On the State Policy of the Russian Federation in Relation to Compatriots Abroad”.

How to apply

International applicants must submit an application in the Russian language together with supporting documentation as follows:
• a copy of the passport or any other ID establishing the identity of the applicant and his/her status in the Russian Federation;
• a relevant official document certifying the applicant’s level of education (or its duly certified copy) meeting the entry requirements (see below);
• a duly certified Russian translation of the certificate of education and (or) qualification and attachments to it (where these are required by the law of the country which issued the certificate of education);
• copies of documents confirming the applicant’s status of a ‘compatriot residing abroad’ falling into one of the groups defined in Article 17 of the Federal Law No. 99-FZ;
• a referral letter from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (if the application is referred by this Ministry under an agreement on collaboration on education between Russia and the applicant’s country);
• 4 (four) photographs (3х4 cm).

All translations into the Russian language must be in the applicant’s name and surname as spelt in the entry visa.

Entry qualifications

International applicants applying for Bachelor or Specialist degree courses must submit an official certificate of secondary (comprehensive) education or secondary vocational education or a certificate of education recognized in the Russian Federation as equivalent to Russian secondary (comprehensive) education or secondary vocational education.

International applicants for Master’s degree courses must submit Bachelor degree certificate or ‘Specialist’ certificate of higher vocational education, or a document on the level and (or) qualification recognized in the Russian Federation as equivalent to Bachelor (Bakalvr) or Specialist diploma.

Entry tests

International applicants are admitted to Bachelor and Specialist degree courses based on the results of entry tests in relevant academic disciplines. The format and contents of such tests are determined by the University independently.

‘Self-funded’ international applicants are admitted based on an interview.

If an international applicant chooses to take the Russian State Uniform Examination in the relevant general education disciplines in the current year, the results of the Uniform Examination are qualified by the Admissions Office as entry test results in the competition for admission, and such an applicant may not opt for the University’s internal entry tests.

International applicants who opt for the University’s internal entry tests may participate in the competition for admission to any of the University’s three principal specialities.

Olpympiad Award Winners

Award winners of the Russian National Olympiads of Secondary School Students may be eligible for additional exemptions. Please contact our Admissions Office for more information.

Language support

International exchange students and interns who do not have a good command of Russian may be provided language support (English).