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Please, always have a copy of your passport, student ID, visa and registration with you. The copies of your documents must be stamped by the University and have a sign in Russian: Копия верна (This is a true copy). You can be stopped on the street by the police and your documents can be checked. According to Russian law, every Russian citizen or foreigner in the territory of Russia must be able to identify him/herself.

Register IMMEDIATELY upon your arrival! There is a strict Russian law that any foreigner must be registered upon his/her arrival in Russia within 3 days. Any delay in registration may incur a fine. Besides, the fcfdemy will be fined too. If you are staying at a hotel, please check with the receptionist whether the hotel does you formal registration or not. Some smaller hotels do not provide foreigner registration. If you are staying at a private apartment, your host must register you with the district office of the Federal Migration Service. In any case, please contact the International Office of the academy if you have any questions concerning registration.