USUAA is one of Russia's leading schools conducting research in the areas of architecture, design and arts. Currently, the Academy has around 60 Ph.D. students exploring various themes under the supervision of experienced professors and researchers. Please contact our Ph.D. Administration Unit at  for more information about enrolling for our Ph.D. courses.

You can pursue research at USUAA in the following subjects areas:

  • theory and history of architecture, heritage restoration and reconstruction (Alexander А.Starikov, Liudmila P.Kholodova, Mikhail V.Goloborodsky);
  • architectural creativity concepts (Julia S.Yankovskaya, Sergey А.Dekterev, Alexey V.Merenkov);
  • planning (Victor A.Kolyasnikov, Sergey I.Sanok)
  • landscape architecture  (Marina N.Divakova);
  • theory and methodology of professional architectural education (Valery I.Iovlev);
  • cine-, tele- and other screen arts (Oxana L. Cherkasova);
  • fine and applied decorative arts (G.А.Gevorkyan, Nina P.Chuvargina, Vassily M. Sonyak);
  • industrial aesthetics and design (Elena E.Pavlovskaya, Elena P.Postnikova, Nikolay P.Garin, Liudmila V.Kokoreva);

Research at USUAA is based on combination of fundamental and applied knoweldge and engagement of undergraduate and postgraduate students in research. The Academy regularly holds research conferences and publishes proceedings and research results.

In terms of citation and publishing, USUAA ranks first among schools of architecture, deisgn and art in Russia.

USUAA publishes an e-journal  «Architecton», included into the list of recommended academic publications and periodicals of Russia.