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I have pleasure in introducing the Ural State University of Architecture and Art (USUAA)in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Founded in 1972 based on the Ekaterinburg branch of the Moscow Architectural Institute (MARHI), the school has grown to become a leader in architecture, design and art education in the Urals and Siberia.

USUAA bears the name of Nikolai S. Alferov, the director of the MARHI branch and then the first rector of the university. Professor N.Alferov was a prominent academic, researcher and architect who laid the foundation upon which the university rests in its teaching, research and development.

USUAA is a specialist higher education institution in the areas of architecture, design and art. We are heirs to the centuries-long tradition of Russian academic art, which accounts for our focus on the art component in all the subject areas offered. The school also draws on the revolutionary ideas of Vkhutemas, a center for major movements inart, architecture, and education in the early 20th century. Cross-fertilization between architecture, design and art is thus the hallmark of USUAA’s teaching and learning methodology. Those who would like to study at USUAA should be prepared to be tested in art disciplines, such as free-hand drawing, composition design, and color composing. Then, whether you graduate from architecture or design or art, you’ll be equipped with versatile skills enabling you to practice successfully in various creative industries. Our graduates can be found working for renowned brands not only in Russia but also in many countries around the world. There are countless stories of success from our alumni in both developed and developing worlds.

Although our courses are taught in the Russian language only, we would encourage prospective students from other countries to learn some Russian and then explore new grounds at our schools and have their talents developed to a highly professional level. What you will definitely find here is a hospitable and stimulating environment, supportive teaching staff, lots of friends and, most importantly, a guaranteed career in the creative industries.

Alexander V. Dolgov