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«2015: Creativity Account of the Subdepartment of Free-Hand Drawing»

6 April 2016, Exhibition Hall of the Ural State University of Architecture and Art

The exhibition displays artworks in various genres – portrait, landscape, thematic composition, still-life – created by the teaching staff of the Subdepartment of Free-Hand Drawing Olga Aliyeva, Veronica Antonova, Vladimir Ganzin, Irina Dunayeva, Yury Kirillov, Evgeny Lipikhin, Alexey Lopato, Mirza Mamedov, Natalya Plastova, Alexander Remezov, Elizaveta Rudenko, Olga Sevostyanova, Evgeniya Sterligova, Sergey Sukhov, Alexander Tryastsin and Alexey Tomilov.

This is an annual exhibition, which has already become a tradition initiated by Alexey Lopato, Head of the Subdepartment. Such exhibitions do not only demonstrate the creativity potential of the teaching staff but are also important in the teaching of would-be architects, designers, and artists.

Sergey Sukhov. The autumn wind

Alexey Lopato. The autumn sonata

Alexey Tomilov. On the Voznesenskaya Hill

Alexander Remezov. The Legend

Vladimir Ganzin. The two, almost about nothing

Vladimir Ganzin. A motif with a pear-tree

Olga Aliyeva. Tobolsk

Olga Aliyeva. Verkhoturie