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Open Russian Festival of Student Art Creativity «ArchiPerspective’2019»

"Archiperspektive" is an open Russian festival of student art creativity held annually since 2006 in Ekaterinburg at the Ural State University of Architecture and Art. The festival is co-founded by the Russian Academy of Art.

"Archiperspective" is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students of higher-education and secondary vocational education institutions irrespective of specialism in the nominations "Graphics", "Painting", "Applied Decorative Arts and Crafts", and «Photography Art».

Artworks submitted to the competition should be executed by the participants personally and independently in their free time, outside the obligatory curriculum. The festival is held in stages, including the selection stage by correspondence followed by personal participation in the festival.

Selection by correspondence.

Artworks should be submitted for selection in the form of photos by e-mail.

One participant may submit to the selection stage no more than 3 artworks in each of the nominations:
1. Painting – no larger than А1 format
2. Graphics – no larger than А1 format
3. Applied art: textiles, jewellery, installations, ceramics, etc.
4. Photographs.

Applications for participation in the selection round may be submitted individually or from teams from an educational institution or studio.

If team artworks are submitted, it is recommended that preselection should be carried out for students of art schools and departments first within the educational institution or amateur art and photography studios so that the total number of participants should be maximum 15 and the total number of artworks submitted maximum 60.

Preselection should be carried out where the curricular include such disciplines as «Drawing», «Painting», «Art Composition», etc.

Applications will accepted on-line starting on 15 February 2019.

For individual applications.

For team applications:
- for information about school supervisor or representative;
- for information about a participant of a team application.

Applications should be submitted together with photos of artworks in the nominations "Painting", "Graphics", "Applied Decorative Arts and Crafts" or art photographs (in the nomination under the same name). Applied decorative artworks (sculpture, decorations) should be photographed against a white background (white artworks against a grey background). When photographing graphics and paintings, efforts should be made to avoid glare and reflexions. Photos should be executed with good quality as jpg files of maximum 3 Mb.

Deadline for submission of applications and artworks to the selection stage is March 11th, 2019.

Participation in the selection stage by correspondence is free of charge.

Personal participation stage – Festival.

The jury will select the best artworks in each nomination in accordance with the predetermined scope of the exhibition. Selected artworks will be included into the electronic catalogue. The Organising Committee will send by April 12th, 2019 personal invitations to participants whose artworks will have passed the selection stage, as well as the program of the festival and conditions of participation in festival events. Personal participation in the festival implies display of artworks in the final exhibition and, if agreed, their sale. The festival events also include master classes, tours, express contests, Museum Night, etc. Participation in absentia will possible if artworks are delivered for exhibition in time.

The festival will last 4-5 days in May 2019. Specific dates will be linked to the dates of the Museum Night.

For more information please contact the organizing committee of the Festival.

Nina O. Pospelova, Chair of the Organizing Committee,
Vice-Rector for Extra-Curricular Activities,
Ural State University of Architecture and Art
Tel. +7(343) 221 28 15

Maria M. Sadykova,
Executive Director of the Festival
Head of the Extra-Curricular Activities Department,
Ural State University of Architecture and Art